Let Your Network Bring You Peace Of Mind


We are pleased to announce that we have taken the next step to giving family members of loved ones with special needs some peace of mind. If you have a loved one who sometimes runs away from home and you think your familiy, friends, and neighbors will help in the event of a crisis, we have a solution for you. If you or someone you know sometimes frequents areas where safety is a concern, we have a solution for you. If you want to keep track of where your child is when he/she is out of your sight (i.e. at a park, ball game, amusement park, etc.), we have a solution for you. Whether your loved one has Autism, Dementia, Alzheimers, or any other special need that causes him/her to suddenly leave home without notice, or you just want to have the option of knowing that your loved one is safe at all times, CHASE'ing The Village was created with you in mind.

Here's What We Will Provide For You

Our service can be described as "one size fits all". This means that everyone who subscribes has access to the same services, which grants every customer full benefits in taking part in what we have to offer. Read more about our services below:

GPS Services

Be ready for emergencies such as missing or run-away persons, as well as kidnapping or elopement events, and control your worries about the well-being of your absent loved ones,through the use of our GPS Tracking Devices and provided software. Purchase Yours Here!

Personal Identifiers

Stay ahead of emergencies by creating and updating your person's need-to-know information, such as height and weight, race, gender, hair style, eye color, scars, marks, etc. This information can be updated daily, hourly, or by the minute if you'd like.

Known Triggers

Stay ahead of emergencies by creating and updating your person's trigger list. Let anyone who comes into contact with your person know what actions may trigger negative as well as positive responses from your person. Teach us to keep them safe and calm.

Run/Walk Perimeter Map

Stay ahead of emergencies by listing your person's address/last known location before the event occurred. Our software will draw two (2) radius circles on a map for you, showing approximately how far your person has traveled (1. if running 2. if walking).

Home Base Settings

Stay ahead of emergencies by setting your person's start location, such as home, work, or school. This works well for the GPS Tracker and the mapping algorythm that will show you, your network, and first responders where to set perimiters, when necessary.

Daily Clothing Updates

Stay ahead of emergencies by updating what your person is wearing each day. When a crisis occurs we sometimes become flustered and remembering what someone is wearing can be hard. With daily updates remembering the details is never a problem.

Medical Alerts

Stay ahead of emergencies by listing any medical concerns you have for your lost or missing person. If your person needs medication daily, is prone to seizures, has allergies, or is currently in need of medical attention, keep your network informed here.

Last Seen Map Icons

Stay on top of emergencies by entering and receiving updates through our mapping informant. When your person is in crisis, the clock is ticking, and the search is on, check your map to view updated icons as people report last seen locations of your person.

Network Building

Stay ahead of emergencies by building your network. Your network includes, but is not limited to, family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, social media pals, and first responders. Your network size is unlimited and they are all notified in a crisis.

Hairstyle Updates

Stay ahead of emergencies by updating your person's hairstyle. Seems odd huh? Well not really! Some people can be quickly identified by their hairstyle, especially from a distance. This feature falls into the category of "not forgetting the little things".

Familiar Things

Stay ahead of emergencies by listing things that are familiar to your person. This could be songs that keep them calm. It could also be gestures or familiar names. Your network's knowledge of what to say or do in their presence could eliminate stress.

Instant Update Map Icons

Stay on top of emergencies by viewing your map icons. These icons will update as you or your network update the status of the crisis. The icons show the initial missing location, where your person was seen, and entered text when the icon is clicked.

Emergency Contact Entries

Stay ahead of emergencies by entering your person's emergency contact information. When your network or first responders locate your person or have important information to share, your emergency contact information must and will always be available.

Ability to Upload Photos

Stay ahead of emergencies by uploading photos of your person ahead of time. This way when first responders as well as your network need to know what your person looks like, you don't have to search for photos. Keep updated photos in your person's profile.

Favorite Locations

Stay ahead of emergencies by entering your person's favorite, common, or frequented locations so that your network and first responders can immediately begin searching your identified danger areas or hot spots that you fear he/she may be heading to.

Instant Alerts

Stay ahead of emergencies by completing as all the fields in your person's profile. Instant Alerts notify your network and first responders of the last seen location, date/time, identifiers, how to access and view the map, and your contact information.


Here's a brief summary of what we have to offer!

Core Features

GPS Coordinate Storage

We can store your person's common travels, in case we need to reconstruct where he/she has been.

Personal Dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to update your person's information and monitor his/her GPS Tracker upon request.

24/7 Help & Support

We offer support around the clock. If you are in a crisis, you don't have to go it alone. We will track with you.

Insured Devices

Worried about damaging a device? It's OK, you can insure your device for less than $2 a month.

User Controlled Preferences

You can set or update your tracking and notification preferences in whatever manner suits you and your network.

Add Additional Caregivers

Members in your network are considered caregivers, from a guardian perspective. You can add unlimited caregivers.

Let's Take A Look Inside

View screenshots of what you will experience with your CHASE'ing The Village subscription.

Instant Alert Page

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Mobile Store Links

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Snapshots (photos)

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Video Tutorial Example #1

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Basic Information

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Video Tutorial Example #2

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Alert Street Map

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Map/Contact View

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Alert Page

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Available Subscriptions

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Alert Satellite Map

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Why Choose CHASE'ing The Village?

Because We Care! We have done our research and have asked, "What kind of tools do you need to feel better equipped if a lost or missing crisis occurs?". We have taken the feedback and created this three-part system, along with a great deal of extra tools that are sure to help you in a crisis.

CHASE'ing The Village vs Amber Alert

To be clear, we at CHASE'ing The Village believe that the Amber Alert program is a wonderful tool that help people in their crisis. However, what we have found is that the Amber Alert program does not and cannot help everyone. Certain protocol must be met for your crisis to be considered for their program. Here is the criteria:

    According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), in order for an abduction (*to include missing or lost people) to qualify for an Amber Alert, it must meet the following criteria:
    • Law enforcement must confirm that an abduction* has taken place
    • The child is at risk of serious injury or death
    • There is sufficient descriptive information of the child, captor or captor’s vehicle to issue an alert
    • The child must be 17 years of age or younger

  • Again, an Amber Alert could help locate your loved one, if you qualify. Missing persons' reports generated by local law enforcement also have a similar criteria that must be met before a report can be filed. In all cases both should be sought if your loved one goes missing, however, in the time it takes for Law Enforcement to declare your person missing or to determine that an Amber Alert should be activated (between 30 minutes - 2 hours), your CHASE'ing The Village tools will allow you to immediately get the word out to your network; provide Law Enforcement current or an accurate last know location of where your person was before he/she went missing; provide a perimeter for your network and first responders to initiate a search; and get your network and social media friends on the streets looking for your person quickly. That is why choosing CHASE'ing The Village is so important! By the time a decision is made by Law Enforcement to declare your person missing or to approve the issuance of an Amber Alert, Your GPS Tracker, Network, and/or Mapping tools will have provided enough information to help find your person.

    Listed below are the running total numbers of missing people that were reported progressively from 2014-2017: (fbi.gov)


About Us

Getting Started

CHASE'ing The Village is providing the tools needed to give you the peace of mind you have been seeking. You can now rest easier knowing you have the the power to track your person's location in a crisis, build a network that can respond quickly when a crisis occurs, and gain a better understanding of where your person can be found based on his/her last known location, when he/she has gone missing.

Devices and Plans Built For EveryOne

It is important to us that we keep the cost of our program low. We understand that with special needs families the costs of services can be very expensive. We also understand that economic times can be tough on everyone. This is why we are offering our best plan to everyone and everyone gets the same service for whatever plan they choose.



Month-To-Month Plan at Regular Cost

  • Network Building System
  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • Mapping With Run/Walk Algorithm
  • Mapping With Icons
  • and more...

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3-Month Plan


Short-Term Plan at ↑5% Reduced Cost

  • Network Building System
  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • Mapping With Run/Walk Algorithm
  • Mapping With Icons
  • and more...

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6-Month Plan


Mid-Term Plan at ↑10% Reduced Cost

  • Network Building System
  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • Mapping With Run/Walk Algorithm
  • Mapping With Icons
  • and more...

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Note: Our GPS trackers are sold seperately and can be used as a stand alone option. GPS Trackers require the purchase of a SIM card for cellular coverage and location tracking. SIM cards and cellular coverage are available for purchase with our GPS Trackers if needed. Purchase Yours Here!

Note: We offer multiple plans so that we can provide different payment options, allowing our users to subscribe to our service on their own terms. No matter what plan you choose, the services and tools provided are the same, thus making sure every member is fully prepared in their time of need. Sign up Today!

Peace Of Mind

The Trifecta Effect: It's what we offer our users to bring you peace of mind in a crisis! The Trifecta Effect provides three tools for our users which ultimately work together to help facilitate the finding of the eloper/wanderer, lost, missing, kidnapped or run-away. Take a look at how they work below.

Geographical Positioning System (GPS)

Geographical Positioning System (GPS)

Precision Tracking of People and Property

Place the tracker on your person or property and receive accurate mapping coordinates for real-time positioning.

Emergency Network Communication Platform

Emergency Network Communication Platform

This Is Your Village

Family, friends, social media, and first responders are your network. They are your eyes and ears in a crisis!

Perimeter Mapping Display With Icons and Symbols

Perimeter Mapping Display With Icons and Symbols

with Run/Walk Radius Calculation

Enter the place and time your person was last seen and, along with your network, receive perimeter maps and updates.

Interesting Events

Take a look at CHASE'ing and other interesting events!

Common Questions

Things you may want to know before you get started

What is CHASE'ing The Village?

A website/software application that will assist people in keeping track of their loved ones and/or property. This is done through the use of GPS devices as well as pre-filled informative web logs to be viewed by your network when a crisis occurs.

How much does it cost?

The cost and pricing plans can be viewed by scrolling up on this page, or by clicking the pricing link from the navigation menu. What is significant about our pricing is that no matter what plan you pick, everyone will receive the same service.

I have a technical problem. Who can I contact?

If you have a device that is not working or you are having problems with our website, contact us as soon as possible. You can reach us at support@chasethevillage.com, or you can use the contact us area found throughout the site.

What geographical areas do you cover?

We use the T-Mobile network for our coverage. The map below shows the coverage area. Don't see your area? Contact us to verify your coverage.

Who is this service for?

Anyone with a family member, friend, client, etc. who has the tendency to wander off, elope, or run-away. It is also handy if someone is kidnapped. People with special needs such as Autism, Dementia and Alzheimer's are why we created the platform.

Is there financing available

Currently, there is no financing available for this service. We are working diligently with local, city, state, and government agencies to fund our subscriptions at a lower cost for low income families. Affordability has and will always be our priority.

Tracker not responding to my requests, what can I do?

Contact us immediately so that we can ping the last known location of the device. We auto-monitor all of our devices and store progressive coordinates, in case of an emergency where the device's signal is lost. We are ready help!

How do I learn more about this product and service?

There are tutorial videos on every page once you're signed in to your account. The videos will walk you through every step of the process from creating an account, signing in, entering your person's information, and tracking your person's GPS device.